Semalt Expert: 5 Tools For Stopping Spam Comments In WordPress

Spam comments are a harsh reality, and bloggers will be staggered by the large volume of meaningless comments they receive per day. However, WordPress being the best content management system can help to get rid of spam comments. If you have left this problem unattended, the spam comments can overtake the database of your blog and can get you banned from the search engine results permanently.

Here Jack Miller, a leading specialist from Semalt, has talked about the tools for stopping spam comments in WordPress.

1. Akismet

You can easily access Akismet in your Wordpress Plugin Directory. It is a cost-effective and useful plugin, which gets installed instantly. Developed by Automattic, this plugin is quite powerful and comes with dozens of options. It prevents spam and features a couple of charts to check the quality of comments your site receives. It also has some self-learning spam detection algorithms and lets you put the comments on the Akismet server, without giving your site an odd and stupid look. Amazingly, Akismet comes with over 40k spam checks every month and is perfect for personal blogs and non-profit websites.

2. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam plugin:

Just like Akismet, WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam plugin is featured with lots of options and characteristics. This plugin is available in WordPress' directory and is one of the best plugins to date. It acts as a powerful Plugin Repository and is free of cost. This can help you tackle the spam comments, useless registrations, and signups, and get rid of pingbacks and trackbacks easily. It can also block the IP addresses from where you receive a large number of comments every day. This tool uses a special JavaScript layer and helps you prevent the spam from bots and harmful spiders.

3. Anti-Spam Bee:

This plugin is also available in the Wordpress Plugin directory and has over two million active installs so far. This plugin has even been recommended by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and is free of cost. It takes care of the IP addresses that spread malware online, tracks your comments, and looks after the quality of those comments. It will also show you the detailed weekly statistics and spam activities so that you can have an idea of where your blog is going.

4. CleanTalk:

CleanTalk is one of the coolest, best, and most famous premium plugins on the internet and provides protection related services to bloggers and webmasters. It prevents the spam comments, illegal registrations, and signups, and uses the smart algorithm to detect all the spam on your website. It saves those spam comments in the Clean Talk database and then deletes them when not in use.

5. WordPress Zero Spam:

It is one of the simplest and most comprehensive spam prevention plugins to date.

This is one of the simplest spam prevention plugins. WordPress Zero Spam works effectively and blocks the comments from the unknown users and suspicious IPs. It's JavaScript can be enabled anytime, and you can get the best out of its features. This works to prevent the bots and spiders from entering your site and spamming the comment section. This plugin is free of cost and comes in a variety of forms to fight ineffectual humans.

You can easily keep your WordPress blog or website clean, maintained and organized with these comprehensive plugins.